Jorge Masvidal weighs in on Nick Diaz’s performance against Robbie Lawler at UFC 266

Following the thoughts of the MMA community, Jorge Masvidal has said that Nick Diaz’s performance against Robbie Lawler did not do justice to his character. After returning to the octagon for more than six years, Masvidal suggested the 38-year-old wasn’t looking as usual.

Diaz closed the horns with Lawler in a five round bout at UFC 266. In the third frame, he shockingly failed to answer the referee’s call after taking a lot of damage from Lawler. ‘Ruthless’ was thus rewarded with a TKO victory.

In a recent interview with MMA Uncensored, Jorge Masvidal shared his thoughts on Diaz’s performance at UFC 266.

“I’ve seen Nick fight a lot. I like Nick Diaz as an athlete, as a fighter… I don’t know where he comes from. I don’t know if he needed the money because as (Dean Toole) said, it saw Didn’t look like he wanted to be like that Didn’t look like he wanted to be there in fights So maybe he’s from some other place I don’t understand if you get a salary God bless him But as far as Nick Diaz we’re used to seeing, he’s not the same man.’

Masvidal acknowledged that Diaz had already cemented a legacy of his own while performing at his peak. However, he doesn’t want the Stockton native to follow the route of other MMA legends who tarnished the sport by not parting ways with the sport at the right time.

“Of course I’d like to see him back 100 per cent healthy, 100 per cent in shape, ready to do that for three or five laps, whatever the contract says…I’d love to see him back there, but with a full tank of gas.” If not, I don’t want him to tarnish his legacy, because he has a great legacy.”

Watch Jorge Masvidal’s full interview with MMA Uncensored below:

Jorge Masvidal was open to the idea of ​​going against Nick Diaz . to fight

Ahead of Nick Diaz’s UFC return, Jorge Masvidal said he wouldn’t mind fighting the older Diaz brother if he beat Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. “Gamebred” stated it would be a “blessing” to get the chance to see the octagon with someone like Nick Diaz.

However, as Diaz fell short against Lawler, a potential fight between the fan favorite and Masvidal seems unlikely.

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