Joseph Gordon-Levitt’ Mr. Corman canceled by Apple TV+ after one season – Deadline

except: Camel+ Choose not to order the second season of Mr. CormanA24 School Teacher’s Half-Hour Comedy-Drama created, written, directed, executed, and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The last episode of the series “The Big Picture” was released earlier today.

Mr. Corman It premiered on August 6 to mostly strong reviews (70% on Rotten Tomatoes) but hasn’t attracted a wide audience on the platform the way other sitcoms on Apple TV+ did last summer, including the flagship Ted LassoAnd Shmegadon! physicalA legendary quest and Attemptthat have been refurbished or look good for refurbishment.

Apple TV + continues to work with Gordon-Levitt, who is producing and voicing a key character on the new animated series for children. wolfboy and factory everything, which dropped all 10 episodes of its first season on September 24.

On his return to television, Gordon-Levitt starred as Mr. Corman, a fifth grade teacher who questions life’s bigger questions and struggles with his emotions while keeping his class at San Fernando Valley Elementary School running. A former aspiring musician, he works through anxiety, loneliness, and an overwhelmed suspicion that he’s bad as a person.

The cast of the series also included Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Bobby Hall aka Logic, Alexander Jo, Juno Temple, Jamie Chung, Shannon Woodward, and Hector Hernandez. Bruce Eric Kaplan, Ravi Nandan and Inman Young also executive produced. Pamela Harvey White was a producer.

This is a rare cancelation of the Apple TV+ that has not only revamped another original series out of the dozen so far, Little Voice.

It includes upcoming series and movies for the TV broadcast publication, scheduled to premiere in the fourth quarter Acapulco, Swagger, Finch, season 3 of Dickinson, The Shrink Next Door, Suan Song And The tragedy of Macbeth.

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