Josh Kelly Reveals Benefits of Cameron’s Coaching Style

Josh Kelly Reveals Benefits of Cameron’s Coaching Style

Greater Western winner Sydney Josh Kelly says coach Leon Cameron has never been under the pump within the club’s four walls.

Cameron has been overseeing the Giants since 2014 but has not been immune to criticism during that time for failing to make the most of the talented roster.

GWS made the grand final against Richmond in 2019 but was crushed by 89 points, resulting in a poor performance next season in 2020.

However, the club made an impression this year as they were severely understaffed due to a long list of injuries, and Kelly believes this is a sign of Cameron’s influence on the group.

“Leon has been excellent for years,” Kelly told Dwayne’s world of SEN.

“The most important thing is the confidence he has in his players and their ability to go out and play a part, I think that has only grown and grown over the years, his relationships with players are excellent.

“We played with a lot of courage, had a lot of fun and a lot of fun, we had a lot of confidence in each other and that always comes from the top.

“Sometimes it seemed like he was under the pump, but that has always been external. We have enjoyed what he has always brought to the group and the way he coaches.

The 26-year-old won his second Kevin Sheedy Medal on Thursday by 159 votes, beating All-Australian teammate Toby Greene by 149.

With any luck on the injury front, the Giants hope to move on next September, having fallen to Geelong in the second week of 2021.


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