LREM hits on Zemmour and his “scandal” and warns of “the coming of the brown plague”

BACK TO SCHOOL – Fight it and attack its alleged “permanent delirium”, taunt it without naming it, or focus on yourself? The walkers are divided on the strategy to follow in the face of the polemicist Eric Zemmour, increasing value on the far right in view of the presidential.

In an extensive style exercise, it was 50 Shades of Anti-Zemmour, Saturday, October 2, on the platform of the re-entry university of La République en Marche in Avignon. Sign that the one who is not officially a candidate occupies the heads of the macrony, and that it is looking for the right frequency to answer it.

Offensively, the boss of LREM deputies Christophe Castaner has tapped the polemicist with shortened arms, credited with double-digit polls allowing him to sometimes hit the low flow of National Rally leader Marine Le Pen.

Eric Zemmour is “in permanent delirium”, according to the former Home Secretary, “proud to announce a great replacement”, “proud to trample on our country’s heritage”, “proud to spread the filth of which he enjoys ” .

“The surplus is only the art of cowards. What a disgrace he is doing to the debate and to France’, stormed Christophe Castaner again, convinced that Eric Zemmour was ‘more lepenist than the Le Pen’.

Also virulent, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran has crushed this “adventurer of withdrawal, rejection, racism, who quotes great authors as others do prose, but who above all gives buttons to serious historians”.

“No, Mr Zemmour, it is not enough to quote Talleyrand every three sentences to make you a statesman,” Olivier Véran joked. “I belong to a generation that shouted ‘youth fuck the National Front’, that shouted ‘don’t touch my mate’ and I can’t bring myself to see that a large part of the young people are abstaining or being seduced by xenophobic ideas,” he insisted.

Without mentioning Eric Zemmour and warning against “the coming of the brown plague”, LREM deputy general deputy Jean-Marc Borello portrayed him about this “new virus” that would represent “15% of the electorate” and that ” results in mental disorders, a little machismo, a little homophobia ”.

“Personalise the response”

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal, for his part, was evasive in a recorded message, calling on protesters to “never let anyone take over the monopoly of radicalism”. “Because the real radicalism is ours (…) not that of the attitudes to the media bubble,” he launched, rejecting the vision of a “blocked country”.

Faced with the emergence of the phenomenon and uncertainty about its sustainability, “we are divided on the strategy to follow,” explains a government heavyweight. “Of course there are people who want to hit him. Less about a matter of strategy than telling people: open your eyes!” he adds.

But “it is a mistake to speak of Zemmour today,” laments another tenor of the majority. “That doesn’t mean we’re not being fooled, but if we don’t talk about it, we don’t advertise it,” he adds, estimating that Christophe Castaner and Olivier Véran had “reflexes of socialist encounters”.

Emmanuel Macron himself had first dodged the subject on Monday on the sidelines of a trip to Lyon, before heightening the tone the following day by claiming that “our identity has never been built on shrinkage or first names”, targeting, without indicating, the polemicist.

In this wake, LREM leader Stanislas Guerini argues in favor of “not personalizing the response”. “If we’re caught up in the reaction, that’s the best way not to pass on our ideas,” adds one historic walker, and so, like delegate Roland Lescure, calls for “don’t box, but be furious.” to dig, to move forward”.

“Participating in a boxing match is absolutely useless,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire told the press, comparing the “Zemmour bubble” to a “blister from a volcanic lake” that was meant to explode one after the other. to burst.

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