“Missing” looking for himself in a forest!

The British newspaper “The Independent” reported that a Turkish man was reported missing but found himself “the one” after accidentally joining the search team sent to look for him.

According to the newspaper, it was reported last Tuesday that Behan Mutlu, who lives in Ingol in northwestern Turkey’s Bursa province, is missing.

His family said they made a request to authorities to look for him after he (Mutlu) was absent and did not return home from a session with friends, and he did not return the calls.

The Turkish newspaper, Daily Sabah, reported that officials said Mutlu, 50, wandered into the forest and his friends could not find him.

A search team was sent to the area and eventually met him in the woods, not knowing his name, and joined the team to search for the person wanted, the newspaper said.

Officials reportedly had no idea Mutlu was the man they were looking for after joining the search team for several hours before “finding himself”.

According to reports, Mutlu realized he was the person the team was looking for after they started yelling and calling his name.

In 2012, an Asian woman visiting Iceland was involved in a similar incident.

She was reported missing after failing to get back on her tour bus during a trip to Iceland’s southern volcanic region near the island’s Edja Valley, a remote but popular area for hiking and visiting tourists. attend.

The driver from the travel agency waited an hour. When the woman failed to show up, he alerted the police and search teams were dispatched to the area shortly after.

They combed the barren, treeless hills in search of a dark-clothed Asian woman.

The mission was only canceled at 3 a.m. after it was revealed that the woman had been on the bus the entire time and had participated in the investigation, as she had no idea she was involved.



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