National Women’s Soccer League commissioner resigns after weekend matches canceled over allegations of sexual misconduct against sacked coach

Riley bravely pulled out of North Carolina Thursday Investigation report Athletic alleges, citing players on the record, that Riley used his influence and power to sexually harass players over the years and in one case forced a player to have sex with him.

Riley denied the allegations in the report. CNN could not be reached for comment.

The league released a statement about Commissioner Lisa Baird, saying she resigned and the league accepted.

Earlier, NWSL had said that the league’s decision not to play this weekend was made in co-operation with the players’ team and was “based on the seriousness of last week’s events.”

A Statement of the player team He said it was a difficult decision to demand the cancellation of the match. The union recognized that the fans planned the trip and spent money to go to the matches. It is also recognized that playing gives pleasure to the players.

“We refuse to take that pleasure away from us. We also recognize that the struggles for mental health are real,” the statement said. Players will have priority to take care of themselves this weekend, the statement said.

Baird apologized for the result: “This week and much of this season has been incredibly traumatic for our players and staff, and I take full responsibility for the role I have played.

“I’m sorry for the pain many feel. Recognizing that trauma, we decided not to take this weekend field to give everyone a little space to reflect. As usual business is not our concern right now.

“There is a lot of great treatment in our entire league, and our players deserve it very well. We have made this decision in collaboration with our players’ association and this break will be the first step as we work together to change the culture. This league is something that is very tiring. Is. “

Two-time World Cup champion Christy Pierce Rampon, who was to be inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame on Saturday, has decided to postpone her inclusion until 2022.

She said she came to this decision after digesting everything that has happened over the last several days, and next year “when we can all celebrate women’s soccer properly.”

Former player says of Riley: ‘I felt right’

The 10-team NWSL was scheduled to have five matches on Friday and Saturday. The next scheduled matches are Wednesday, where there are three matches on the slate, including a North Carolina adventure home game.

Th Theletic reports that it has interviewed dozens of players who have played under the relay since 2010 and others related to women’s soccer.

Synad Farrell, a former player who plays in three different teams for Riley, describes how married Riley forced her to have sex in her hotel room. Describing being under Riley’s control, Farrelly said, “I felt right. The word describes me honestly, because I feel like he turned around and he looked at his prospects and he zeroed in on me. He claimed me; his touch felt the same. I felt under his control. “

Another reported incident describes Riley bringing Farrell and teammate Mann Shimla back to his apartment and forcing the two to kiss each other. Shim describes a time when Riley invited her to a game footage session in her hotel room and greeted her by wearing only underwear. Other former players, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the former coach made inappropriate comments about weight and sexual orientation.

Athletic asked Riley to comment on his alleged misconduct, to which he replied that the former players’ claims were “completely untrue.” According to The Athletic, Riley told them in an email, “I’ve never had sex with these athletes or made sexual progress.”

Rejecting The Let Theatrical, Riley said, “Along the way I have the opportunity to say something that has offended someone,” but did not “underestimate” the players. Riley also declined to review game footage in his hotel room.

Riley sold the rights to Patience and the franchise to a group in North Carolina after the 2014-2015 Portland Thorns, 2016 Western New York Flash and Flash dissolved. He was Coach of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

Administrative body to investigate

U.S. Soccer said Friday it would appoint someone to independently investigate the allegations.

“We take seriously our responsibility to promptly investigate the reported hateful behavior and to obtain a full and clear understanding of the factors that led to it,” the official said in a statement. US Soccer not only regulates soccer in the country, it also finances NWSL. And so far this season, US Soccer has managed league operations.

The federation says it is looking for an investigator with experience in high-level workplace misconduct allegations.

The International Sports Regulatory Commission, FIFA, also announced that it was launching an investigation.

“We want to reiterate that FIFA’s position is clear when it comes to misconduct in football: anyone found guilty of misconduct and misconduct in football will be brought to justice, sanctioned and removed from the game,” FIFA officials said.

CNN’s Jill Martin and Jacob Lev contributed to the report.


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