“Out of Defaults”, Alert on the Island of Vulcano

Yellow alert for the island of Vulcano. This has been established by the Civil Defense with the unanimous advice of the Commission for the prevention of major risks. “In the crater of Vulcano the values ​​fall outside the norm only in the upper part”, said Lipari Mayor Marco Giorgianni directly on Facebook, after participating in the meeting with the volcanologists of Ingv and Civil Defense.

The island of Vulcano usually already poses a widespread risk situation for the population mainly associated with gas-rich fumaroles and with high temperatures, but at this stage it must be remembered that they can intensify and extend over larger areas and therefore the danger is high taller.

In particular, the “yellow” warning level determines, among other things, the improvement of volcanic monitoring and surveillance activities and more information to the inhabitants of the island, as well as to tourists with specific reference to increasing the risk level.

“Thanks to the efficient integration of the scientific community into the civil protection system, today we can count on volcanic monitoring and surveillance systems that allow us to monitor with great attention the evolution of the activity of our active volcanoes”, explains Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Civil Protection Department. “And that’s what we do on Vulcan. At the yellow alert level – which can be followed by orange and red or the return to the regular green level – it is very important that there is full awareness of the risk, without alarmism, but with great responsibility”.

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