Pac-12 Apostles Week 5 Preview and Choices

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Pac-12 Apostles Week 5 Preview and Choices

As the Pac-12 gears up to kick off week 5 of the season, and week two of the conference game, we’re getting a clearer picture of who the contenders and pretenders might be..

We know USC is going to fight for a bowling appearance, not a conference title. We know Oregon State found their QB. We know Cal’s fans will be haunted by the 2021 version of their team’s inability to finish. We know Washington was wrong about keeping Sean McGrew on the bench the whole time. We know that this week’s UCLA/ASU winner may be the only league in Oregon to win the conference.

But there’s still a lot we don’t know, and in week 5 we’re going to learn a lot…

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USC in Colorado

kick off: 11:00 AM Pacific

Broadcast: PAC-12 network

Opening chances: USC -7

What’s at stake: A galaxy-devised way to look at the rest of the season if you’re a USC fan is to think to yourself that now Donte Williams isn’t under the pressure of walking the undefeated tightrope to earn the job, the Trojans can just play outside. I say whatever you need to tell yourself to stay invested in this season after Oregon State won its first game at your home turf in 61 years, you gotta do it. Look, Colorado can’t move the ball through the air, so if they do half as well against the Trojans as Chance Nolan, the problems run so much deeper than getting Clay Helton out of his position. As far as Colorado goes, you have to keep building. You went from scoring a goalless goal in two games of drives, then managed to score 13 points in Tempe. Double that against the Trojans at home and you might still be in a battle for a bowl.

Our choices: Ralph and George both love USC to cover

#3 Oregon at Stanford

kick off: 12:30 PM Pacific

Broadcast: ABC

Opening chances: Oregon -8

What’s at stake: For Oregon, everything is on the line all the time. They have played Stony Brook and Arizona closer than they should have in the past two weeks, so a quick start would be helpful against a Stanford team starting to find its identity with Tanner McKee in the middle. We don’t know if Oregon is vulnerable to the run, and you can bet David Shaw will put that to the test in hopes of keeping the pace of the game up. If the game ends in a shootout, I’m not sure they have the firepower to keep up with Oregon.

Our choices: Ralph takes Stanford to mate, George swims with the Ducks as usual.

Washington State in Cal

kick off: 2:30 pm Pacific Ocean

Broadcast: Pac-12 Network

Opening chances: Cal -7.5

What’s at stake: Cal could easily be 4-0 with 3-4 plays going differently. Washington state has led the second half in all three of its losses. The level of unfulfilled expectations and disappointment in this match is immeasurable, but alas! Someone MUST WIN!!! On the flip side of that fact… Bowl’s hopes end for the loser… in Week 5.

Our choices: Ralph likes Cal -7.5, George takes Wazzu.

Washington in the state of Oregon

kick off: 6:00 pm Pacific

Broadcast: Pac-12 Network

Opening chances: State of Oregon -1.5

What’s at stake: Oregon State can go from “nice story” to “legitimate contender” with a win over Washington, and if you hark back to last season’s win in the game formerly known as the Civil War, those will be the three games that USC- fans will use to convince themselves that they are happy that Jonathan Smith is the most logical choice to become their next head coach. But in all seriousness, the Beavers have a chance to finally show that talent development is superior to talent gathering, becoming the Pac-12 North’s version of Utah. Washington’s Jimmy Lake is in an unenviable position to replace Clay Helton as the person who coaches every game to avoid the wrath of the base. Unless Lake wants to avoid pitchforks, and not the Sun Devil kind, he needs his team to play to their potential and take care of business in Corvallis.

Our choices: George is all in at Oregon State, Ralph gives the Huskies one last chance.

Arizona State at #20 UCLA

kick off: 7:30 p.m. Pacific

Broadcast: FS1

Opening chances: UCLA -3.5

What’s at stake: Herm Edwards has had success against many Pac-12 opponents, but in their last two games Chip Kelly has delivered a coaching clinic. This year both teams are 3-1 with solid defenses and very good running games. In this game, the bottom line is that the skinny dual-threat QB makes the biggest game at the biggest moment. For Dorian Thompson Robinson, this is a legacy game. For Jayden Daniels, this is to give him the chance to have his own set of legacy games in a bid to beat the LA schools and beat Utah on his way to a Pac-12 South title.

Our choices: George loves the Bruins, Ralph is stubborn and sticks to his “ASU goes 11-1” preseason prediction.

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