Pelosi admits defeat in infrastructure bill, ‘more time needed’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised the white flag Friday evening and acknowledged that, after promising to approve the solution this week, “more time is needed” to pass a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that is a cornerstone of President Biden’s agenda.

While Pelosi had promised the Middle House Democrats to pass an infrastructure bill this week, the Progressives threatened to sink it until it was known as the Build Back Better Act, with a मोज 3.5 trillion cost measure, including various social welfare programs.

Republicans have rallied against the larger bill, and Senate Democratic centralists Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Cinema of Riz Rizona refused to support $ 3.5 trillion in new spending, meaning the bill could not pass the Senate. So it was useless for Pelosi to pass it in the hall. And she was forced to push for an infrastructure bill because progressives insisted that other measures should be considered by the House or they would vote against the infrastructure bill.

Jaipal will reduce progressive $ 3.5T costs

The White House called for a deal with Manchin and Cinema on a build-back better bill, but to no avail.

Although much progress has been made in negotiations to develop a House, Senate and White House agreement on the Build Back Better Act, more time is needed to complete the work, “Pelosi wrote in a letter to a dear colleague.” Our priority healthcare, family and climate agenda is a shared value in creating jobs. Our chairs are still working for clarity and unity. Clearly, the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill will be passed once we have agreed on the Reconciliation Bill. “

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Pelosi had said the infrastructure bill would pass. She initially indicated she would vote Thursday night, but she did not. She then said there would be a vote on Friday, but she was forced to withdraw the course again.

After a meeting Friday between President Biden and the Democratic Caucus, it was unclear when the House would review the measure again.

Emma Colton of Fox News contributed to this article.

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