Phi Nhung, Vietnamese American musical icon, dies of COVID-19

Vietnamese-American singer Phi Nhung passed away on Tuesday after a months-long battle with…COVID-19 at Cho Ray Hospital in Saigon.

Heartbreaking news: Before she died, the 51-year-old singer underwent multiple different treatments, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) intervention, for COVID-19, according toUN Express.

  • Many Vietnamese celebrities shared positive messages and prayers for Nhung days before her death, including Vietnamese-American singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh, Morning Express reported.

  • Trinh posted a photo of her and the late singer with the caption: “Phi Nhung, don’t give up! I said if I want to be like you, I have to be strong. Wendy and her children really need you, do you understand that?’

  • Upon learning of her death, fans took to social media to mourn the loss of the Vietnamese music icon.

  • Nhung was supposed to travel to the US to reunite with her daughter, but had postponed her plans to volunteer in Vietnam to help the Southeast Asian country fight the pandemic.

  • Doctors described Nhung as a fearless fighter until her last breath. Before her death, she was concerned for her adopted children who lived in a pagoda in the southern province of Binh Phuoc. Nhung has a daughter in the US and 23 adopted daughters in Vietnam.

About the Vietnamese-American icon: Nhung came from a family with no background in music. She was born in April 1972 to a Vietnamese mother and an American soldier.

  • Nhung, then 17, moved and settled with her family in Tampa, Florida, where she struggled to earn a living working as a waitress. However, she did not let her passion as a singer fade.

  • She eventually moved to California to start her singing career after being persuaded by Trinh. Nhung was reportedly a single mom working as a seamstress when she moved out with just $300 in her pocket, according to Morning Express.

  • Nhung sent her daughter to stay with an acquaintance while she was living with Trinh in California. She worked in a CD shop during the day and as a waitress at night, learning to sing with a North Vietnamese intonation.

  • Nhung then released her first singles “Noi Buon Hoa Phuong” (“Phoenix Flower’s Sadness”) and “Noi Lai Tinh Xua” (“Rekindled Old Love”) two years later. Her 1999 music video for “Ly Con Sao Bac Lieu” (“Song About Bac Lieu Blackbird”) became a huge hit upon release.

  • She also appeared regularly in the wildly popular musical series ‘Paris by Night’.

  • Besides being an iconic singer in Vietnam, Nhung also became known for her philanthropy in her last years when she tried to help many people from mountainous areas and flooded areas. Nhung also cooked and fed food to the poor in Ho Chi Minh City during the pandemic.

Featured image via OLD LOVE (left), Morning Express (Turn right)

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