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Little Kathy is the only witness. The dog lady ran home, wanted help. But no one could help my mistress.

The murder of Elisabeth T. (64) shocked the small town of Northeim (29,000 inhabitants) in southern Lower Saxony. The widow was ambushed and killed while walking her Kathy at the edge of a cornfield.

Foto: privat

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Bitch Kathy ran home after her mistress was killed. What will become of it is unclearPhoto: private

The alleged killer was caught just days after last Saturday’s crime. But authorities, prosecutors, police and ministries are very reluctant to provide information.

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Reason: Holger S. (57), a mentally ill criminal from the penitentiary center in Moringen near Northeim, is under urgent suspicion. He was gone on the day of the act – unaccompanied.

In 1987 Holger S. was convicted of attempted manslaughter and ended up in Moringen. At that moment, he attacked a young woman (22) and stabbed her on a dirt road. But the victim survived. Holger S. ended up in the so-called penal system because of “significantly reduced culpability”.

After more than 30 years, at the beginning of 2021, an expert judgment has convinced the Disciplinary Chamber that Holger S. no longer poses a danger to the general public – and is therefore allowed to go outside. A few hours without surveillance.

Elisabeth T. has now paid with her life for the determination that Holger S. is no longer a specific danger to women.

Murder victim Elisabeth T. (64) leaves behind three children

Murder victim Elisabeth T. (64) leaves behind three children

The loving mother (three children) and grandmother had just started a new phase of life: a week before her death, she would have started as a mini-jobber as a waitress at the Helios Clinic. She wanted to improve her pension a little bit. Elisabeth T. used to have a small boutique in Northeim and later worked for a bicycle dealer. A woman appreciated by many in Northeim for being so warm and cheerful.

What happened on Saturday a week ago? Retired Wolfgang Dell (72), who knew Elisabeth T.: “I saw her running with her dog at noon that day on her regular route in the cornfield.”

Wolfgang DellFoto: Hubert Jelinek

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Wolfgang Dell remembers seeing Elisabeth T. in the afternoon Photo: Hubert Jelinek

The pensioner is stunned: “The experts themselves belong in the dock.” Many in Northeim think like him. They are afraid because there are always reports of criminals fleeing the penal system.

Neighbor saw victim’s dog

Elisabeth T. lived only about two kilometers from the crime scene. Her neighbor Jürgen T. (79): “Every day she walked about six kilometers with her dog. On the day of the crime, I heard the dog howling outside the front door. He was wearing his collar and looked very troubled. I took it for myself, still thinking: something is wrong!”

At that time Elisabeth T. was no longer alive. The police won’t say how she was killed. According to eyewitnesses, “a lot of blood” should have been seen at the crime scene.

Holger S. had already attacked his first victim with a knife.

According to information from BILD am Sonntag, a schoolboy discovered the body at 5:49 p.m. on the edge of the cornfield and ran to his mother, who called 911.

Holger S. reported to the measurement center on time that evening, as he had done for the past few months. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Affairs in Hanover: “There were no incidents until September.”

This is where the alleged killer sat and still sits.  In the area many are afraid of escapesFoto: Swen Pförtner/dpa

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This is where the alleged killer sat and still sits. In the area many are afraid of escapesPhoto: Swen Pförtner / dpa

It is said that an employee of Moringen Prison was surprised when Holger S. returned. Was the criminal’s clothing stained with blood? Holger S. has been transferred to a special secure detention area. Public Prosecutor Dr. Mohamed Bou Sleiman about BamS: “Wednesday the urgent suspicion was confirmed.”

Holger S. is not threatened with imprisonment. A new expert opinion should clarify whether he is seriously guilty or even incompetent.

A friend of the murdered man tearfully tells BILD am Sonntag: “The killer didn’t just take Elisabeth’s life. So are her family and friends. Appraisers and the judiciary have failed. The thought that this man could ever be released makes me sick.”

Prosecutor Sure: Outcasts Kill Retiree (†64) While Walking

Photo: BILD


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