Q+A goes round and round and gets, well, nowhere

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Q+A goes round and round and gets, well, nowhere

Q+A was about the same as the Stonehenge doco: talking heads about reopening the country – or something along those lines.

(Image: ABC)

It was Nine’s night from Seven, Ten and the ABC.

Goggle box Australia was again the entertainment with 877,000 national viewers. Question and answer on average 419,000 and just before Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed on SBS which was very similar to watching Question and answer: talking heads who go on and on about reopening the country. Round and round went the ground radar and other gadgets – but at least something was found in Stonehenge. on Question and answer agreement was postponed to another week, month or year. All very circular.

At breakfast, Today keeps food away from sun rises lead: yesterday it was only 6,000 behind in the metros and less than 80,000 nationally. At the beginning of September, it was more than 100,000 behind nationally.

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