Queensland Premier visits same location as COVID-infected person and reportedly misses them for an hour

The Premier of Queensland attended the same venue as a person infected with COVID-19 earlier this week and reportedly missed an hour during her visit to the Gold Coast.

Regulars of the Coolangatta cafe said Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk was seen at Haig St Cafe on Monday at 9am, ahead of her daily press conference.

According to Queensland Health, a COVID-positive person linked to Brisbane’s aviation cluster visited the same cafe between 07:30 and 07:55, just an hour before the Prime Minister was spotted there.

It is known that the man and his family traveled to the Gold Coast on September 25 and were contagious in the community for four days.

Haig St Café became an exposure site as a result of their visit, but the wrong location was listed online on Friday.

Haig St Café in Coolangatta (Kirra) is located next to the Kirramisu Café, which can be seen in the background.(

Supplied: Haig St Cafe, Instagram


A local Coolangatta business manager and a Haig St regular said she passed the Prime Minister while drinking her morning coffee on Monday.

“I get my coffee there every morning,” she said.

“As I walked up to get my coffee, the girls said, ‘Annastacia should be holding her press conference soon’.

“I turned and it was her at the entrance to the cafe in the doorway.

A Facebook post from Haig Street Cafe and Restaurant Kirra.
A Facebook post from the owners of Haig St and Kirramisu cafes on the Haig St page informing customers that they are closed for a deep clean.(

Delivered: Haig St Café, Facebook


“I remember because I got frustrated that there were four people blocking the path [to get in]I had to squeeze in to get to the counter.

According to a spokesman for the prime minister, Ms Palaszczuk did not need to be tested or self-isolate as she was not in the cafe at the same time as the COVID-positive person.

“The prime minister was in that area on Monday, but not during the exposure time,” the spokesperson said.

“Queensland Health has confirmed no action is needed.”

Wrong cafe listed as exposure site

Four days after the Prime Minister and the COVID-positive man’s visit to Haig St Café on Monday, Queensland Health listed Kirramisu Café & Restaurant online as an informal exposure site.

The problem: Kirramisu Café & Restaurant was not the location visited, but is located next to Haig St Café and has the same owners, and it has been closed since August.

A list of exposure sites including Kirramisu Cafe and Restaurant.
Kirramisu Café & Restaurant, erroneously listed online as an exposure site, despite being closed since August.(

Provided: Queensland Health website


According to the cafes’ owners and Instagram page, Kirramisu has been temporarily closed for several months “due to the current border situation”.

On Saturday morning, the owners wrote to each cafe’s Facebook page stating that they were closed for a deep clean and “ordering all our staff to be tested and self-isolate”.

According to Queensland Health, there was confusion over which cafe was being visited, leading to the wrong location being listed.

An Instagram post featuring a photo of a person holding a Kirramisu coffee cup on the beach.
An Instagram post on the Kirramisu Café page from August explaining that it was temporarily closed.(

Provided: Kirramisu Café, Instagram


In a statement, a spokesperson said: “There are a number of external factors that affect contact tracing, including whether someone has used the Check In Qld app, as well as a person’s ability to remember exactly where they were and what time.

“We thank the company for their cooperation and swift action to protect their staff and the community.”

The cafe has since been added to the Queensland Health website, alongside the temporarily closed Kirramisu Café.

Current exposure locations for the Gold Coast include locations in Coolangatta, Kirra, Mermaid Waters, Merrimac, Surfers Paradise, Nerang, Tugun, Miami and Runaway Bay.

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