Rhea Ripley Was Initially “A Little Standoffish” About Nikki ASH Linkage

Rhea Ripley recently said she was initially “a little distant” when WWE paired her with Nikki ASH. However, the two can gradually get along as tag team partners.

Not too long ago, Nikki and Ripley were on-screen rivals. But since disappearing from the RAW Women’s Championship picture, both superstars have become unlikely allies and even become team champions.

Speaking to TV Insider’s Scott Fishman, Rhea Ripley highlighted how Nikki ASH’s positive energy is why she’s happy to have the latter by her side. Although the former NXT women’s champion misses the singles action, she is currently enjoying her tag team stint.

Here’s what she had to say when asked about her initial reaction to the Nikki ASH link:

“At first I was a little distant.” Ripley continued: “But she grows on me. She’s such a good person, warm-hearted and positive. Sometimes you need someone like that behind you, especially when you’re someone like me who just goes out and brutalizes people. Sometimes I need a calm down a bit so I’m glad to have Nikki by my side Honestly I’m having the time of my life in this tag team It’s a lot of fun I miss the singles competition and love it but there are always times for change.”

The women’s tag team champions stay on Monday Night RAW and move forward, like revealed on the first night of the WWE Draft.

Rhea Ripley looked up to Nikki ASH in WWE

The unlikely duo defeated Natalya and Tamina to become tag team champions in the September 20 episode of RAW.

During the same interview, Rhea Ripley called their performance “really incredible” and briefly mentioned her NXT connection to Nikki ASH

“Right now I think it’s really incredible that we won the women’s tag team championship,” said Ripley. “And to do it with someone like Nikki (who) was in NXT when I first started. I really looked up to her. It’s really extraordinary to have these titles with her.”

Which WWE duo would you like to see fight against the current women’s tag team champions? Sound off in the comments below!

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