Rome, Raggi closes election campaign in Bocca della Verità: “I would do everything I did against the Casamonica, the Spada, the Fasciani”

About 800 people were all seated, according to organizers. Little standing. Virginia Raggic, candidate for mayor of the five-star movement in Rome and the first citizen to leave, concluded the election campaign in Bocca della Verità. From the podium, for the video message of Beppe Grillo and the arrival of the leader, Giuseppe Contea, Raggi spoke to those present: “We are many, you are many – he said as he went on stage – Today we are here to talk about the future, the future of Rome”. Then the mayor wore a T-shirt with the words “My name is Rome” and continued: “Everything I’ve done I would do again. Against the Casamonica, the Spada, against the Fasciani. But I didn’t do it alone, I did it with all of you.”

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