RWE removes the Jüchen wind farm from the grid as a precaution – after the wind turbine collapse

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RWE removes the Jüchen wind farm from the grid as a precaution – after the wind turbine collapse

A few days ago, a wind turbine in Haltern am See collapsed. The operator of a nearby wind farm is now reacting – and taking its wind turbines off the grid.

Wind turbine collapsed in Haltern am See

An almost 240 meter high wind turbine collapsed on Wednesday evening – a day before the official inauguration – near Haltern am See (North Rhine-Westphalia). (Source: dpa)

Millions of damage in North Rhine-Westphalia: A wind turbine almost 240 meters high collapsed near Haltern am See. (Source: dpa)

Of the energy company RWE happened after the collapse of a wind turbine weighing several hundred tons that belonged to another operator in Haltern am See Wind farm Juchen A 44n disabled. Nordex’s six wind turbines are of the same design as the factory in Haltern that collapsed on Wednesday evening, RWE announced on Friday.

“Although the exact cause of the damage in Haltern has not yet been clarified, RWE and the wind farm manufacturer immediately cordoned off the site in Jüchen,” the company said.

The Nordex share was in the red at times on Friday by more than four percent. Nordex estimated the damage at Haltern in the mid-single digit million. “As a preventive measure, we have decided to temporarily shut down all turbines with the same configuration as in Haltern, as long as we have no knowledge of the cause of the accident there,” Nordex explains.

After the wind turbine collapse: RWE set up the turbines in Jüchen. quiet

The operators were immediately informed about this. In this regard, the manufacturer supports RWE’s decision to shut down the turbines in Jüchen as a precaution. In Germany, 18 plants are in operation with an identical turbine configuration as in Haltern, and five more are under construction or commissioning.

According to RWE, the Jüchen wind farm is in the commissioning phase and should be fully handed over by the manufacturer to RWE and the partners by the end of this year. As early as August, RWE discovered damage to the tower of one of the systems, immediately shut it down as a precaution and took appropriate safety measures.


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