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Greta Thunberg got engaged? In the media around the world, photos have begun to circulate of the activist, who is 18 years old, with a mysterious person boy. In short, even Greta has a “normal” life like all girls of her age, and probably her heart beats for this young man who, from the photos published in the German newspaper image appears in a white t-shirt and a blue-and-white plaid hat (she wears a green over a black t-shirt instead).

Here are the pictures of Greta

The two were immortalized at the “Fridays for Future” climate event in Milan. The activist stood right next to this young man with whom we see that clearly there is a lot of intimacy. This is where they are in the pictures they can be seen on hug each other tenderly. And again the scene where she gives him something to eat chips on bananas, always on the sidelines of the event for the climate of course.

With whom does the young man Greta Thunberg share? intimate moments? Hard to say. Nobody knows anything about him yet, who he is and what is his name remain though moment of mystery. What is certain now is that Greta’s heart is not only beating for planet Earth, but also as it should be for a boy like her.


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