Spahn and Röttgen Settle Scores with Laschet and Demand: Everything New in the CDU – Domestic Policy

After the election blow at the Bundestag election CDU leader Armin Laschet continues to hold on to hopes of becoming chancellor. But more and more politicians in their own ranks are demanding: Laschet must go – but not just him.

Your requirement: Everything must be new on the CDU! Not only the people at the top, but also HOW they are selected and what topics they are concerned with.

Spahn wants to seal a new beginning at a special party congress

▶ ︎ Minister of Vice and Health of the party Jens Spahn (41) joined Laschet in an interview with the WELT am SONNTAG In court: “No one can deny that mistakes were made in the election campaign and that our top candidate did not sign correctly. That alone costs a lot of percent.”

▶ ︎ Hard accounting, also from the board member Norbert Roettgen (56): One must now express honestly what everyone already knows. Namely: “The lack of acceptance of the candidate was the main topic of discussion in the election campaign. Armin Laschet knows that too,” he told the”Daily mirror“.

That belongs “from now on in the moth box”

But neither of them just criticize Laschet, they demand more. Keyword: a new beginning. And not just at the top of the CDU, and not just in terms of staff.

Röttgen: Laschet has to go – but: “It is not enough now to change just one person”, he told the “Tagesspiegel”. Personnel consequences should be found for new beginnings – regardless of whether the Union manages a coalition with the Greens and the FDP or not.

Spahn: The discussion about Laschet should not obscure the view of “structural problems”. The whole old guard must come to an end, he demands, and put it this way: “The next generation after Angela Merkel must now become more visible.” And also the CDU method to “tactically smooth things out because they are supposedly strong” other parties belong in the moth box from now on”.

His suggestion: a special party congress at the end of January. “Whether we govern or not, it should be clear after this election result: it is now about the position for the future, continuing like this is not an option.”

CDU needs new selection procedures

Explosive: Röttgen ran for the CDU presidency in January. He was defeated by Laschet, who had joined the team mainly with Jens Spahn.

Another loser at the time was Friedrich Merz. He now demands: In the next election of the CDU leader, ALL members must be interviewed, not just delegates from the party congress. In such a case, he himself would go back to work to become head of the CDU.

“We will not circumvent Members’ involvement in the next presidential decision,” said Union deputy MP Carsten Linnemann (CDU). to BILD.

▶ ︎Spahn wants a new procedure to decide on the Union’s candidacy for chancellor. Why should the chancellor candidates and election manifestos not be decided at a joint party congress in the future? jerkin. If this is not possible according to the articles of association, they should be adapted accordingly.

Söder intervenes by Schäuble. to attack

▶ ︎ Indirectly, CSU boss Markus Söder also criticized the selection process for the Union’s candidate for chancellor in his speech on 80th Birthday of the Honorary President Edmund Stoiber on Friday. He went after Wolfgang Schäuble (“Some people make mistakes again and again”). Söder said that Schäuble was responsible for the Union’s election defeat in 2002 because he had spoken out in favor of the war in Iraq at the time – and indicated that he also found guilty this time: after all, Schäuble had made Laschet a candidate for chancellor instead of Söder. to let go.

Talks about forming a government continue over the weekend: on Sunday, the SPD and FDP want to talk to each other first, then the SPD and the Greens. The Union has agreed to hold exploratory talks with the FDP on Sunday evening and the Greens next Tuesday.


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