Suspected arson in Berlin: supply lines on fire – Berlin

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Suspected arson in Berlin: supply lines on fire – Berlin

Berlin – Early Saturday morning, a supply bridge over a railway line in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg burned down. A pedestrian bridge over the S-Bahn ring road on Dänenstrasse, under which the line runs, was completely on fire, police said. It could be a targeted attack.

The fire broke out around 3.20 am. Supply lines at Dänenstrasse / Schönfließer Strasse were on fire.

A freshwater pipe was also damaged in the fire, which prevented the flames from spreading widely. However, there was a lot of water on the tracks.

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The water shoots out of the damaged pipePhoto: spreepicture

About 30 firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire. Employees of the electricity network, the water company and the railway registered the damage, police officers started an investigation – they quickly assumed an arson attack.

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It is being examined whether the state security of the National Criminal Investigation Service (LKA) responsible for extremist acts will take over the investigation, the police said this morning.

The investigation does not rule out a non-political arson or an accidental arson.

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▶ ︎ 15,000 households in the Prenzlauer Berg district were without power. It will likely take until midday for all the power cuts to be resolved, police said in the morning.

While the Stromnetz Berlin tweeted at 6:35 a.m. that the outage had been resolved, residents reported that the streets in Prenzlauer Berg were still dark.

A local resident reported walking through several dark streets.

The S-Bahn initially reported no impairments in the morning.

Benjamin Jendro of GdP Berlin said: “This is not political expression. Anyone who commits arson attacks on important parts of our infrastructure and supply structure is acting absolutely futilely and is attacking our democratic coexistence. These extremist attacks may not claim human lives, but they are nevertheless an insidious attempt to destabilize something that should not be belittled.”


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