The British media’s brutal response to ‘pillock’ Paine

The British media’s brutal response to ‘pillock’ Paine

Australian captains are generally unpopular in England, but Tim Paine’s clash with Kevin Pietersen and his declaration that the Ashes will continue with or without Joe Root have sent the country’s cricket writers into utter collapse.

Paine told SEN on Friday that the series would not take place this summer, responding to a Tweet from Pietersen that: “There is NO WAY I would go to The Ashes this winter. ZERO chance! Unless the ridiculous quarantine rules were abolished and my family could travel without restrictions.

“The Ashes continue,” Paine objected. “The first test is on December 8 – whether Joe (Root, England captain) is here or not. They all want to come, there is no doubt about it.

“No one is forcing an English player to come. That’s the beauty of the world we live in – you have a choice. If you don’t want to come, don’t come.

“If you want to come represent your country and play in an Ashes series that Joe Root said ‘that’s what they all want to do, that’s what they dream of,’ come and do it. Kevin (Pietersen), mate, let it be to the players. Let them speak.”

The British media’s response to Paine’s comments was brutal.

“The England touring team are also being asked to take on Australia’s unusually neurotic response to the global pandemic, with the added twitching of an election year.

“There is certainly something eerie about the spectacle of the Australian captain looking out to the world from his own closed borders,” wrote the Guardian’s Barney Ronay in one of the more measured comments.

“The UK has suffered 130,000 Covid deaths. People have struggled terribly, staring this plague in the face for the past 18 months. The cricketers have played through all this. So please spare us the shit talk, Tim Paine.’

UK Telegraph journalist Oliver Brown suggested Paine was a hypocrite because Australia hasn’t played an away test series since the 2019 Ashes.

“It’s great to hear the views on this delicate matter from Tim Paine, captain of an Australian team that hasn’t played a test series in over two years,” Brown tweeted.

Times cricket writer Elizabeth Ammon added: “I see Tim Paine nailing the art of empathy towards his fellow professional cricketers. Beer.”

Cricket writer Chetan Narula said: “Nice of Tim Paine to shut up again.

“Australia has not toured for a single series of tests since the start of this Covid pandemic. All LOI tours were conducted by their B teams.

“But they would like to invite India and England in strict bubbles to earn 300 meters from home.

“The last thing you want is a lack of empathy for your fellow cricketers right now.

“Bubble fatigue is a reality of our time.

“Tim Paine is probably not aware of it because not many teams around the world hire him to play for them. His national team does not see him suitable for 3 formats.”

James Whaling, a sports journalist for the Daily Mirror, wrote: “Who does he think he’s going to play against, a bunch of pissed off expats? Good to see the Aussie’s arrogance is still in great shape.”

“Meanwhile, the Australian players are struggling to play cricket due to the closure of the state borders,” added English cricket writer Chris Stocks.

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