The Reason Hanshin’s Minoru Iwata Wept When He Retired At Night Family Ties When He Couldn’t Sleep ――Nikkan Sports

  1. Reasons Why Hanshin’s Minoru Iwata Wept For Retirement Family Ties That Survived The Night When I Couldn’t SleepNikkan Sports
  2. Hanshin and Minoru Iwata Thank His Beloved Wife During Crying Retirement Interview “Because I Have Type 1 Diabetes” (Daily Sports) — Yahoo! NewsYahoo! News
  3. “I want to be the star of hope” Hanshin Iwata’s happy 16 years I have sown combativeness for patients with the same diseaseSports Nippon Shimbun
  4. [Hanshin]Minoru Iwata “I Did It” Crying During Retirement InterviewSports Hochic
  5. “Thank You” for 14 Years of Tears Hanshin Iwata’s feelings for his wife were understood by the amount of tears shed (Sponichi Attachment) — Yahoo! NewsSports Navigation
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