The South Dakota government has been trying to make up for the loss since the Christie Noam nightmare week

The South Dakota government has been trying to make up for the loss since the Christie Noam nightmare week

South Dakota Government Christy Noem Tried to compensate from A nightmare week A three-minute YouTube video released on Friday blamed “media”.

Noem has been charged State armed To give her daughter a real estate license. A few days after Cassidy Peters’ application to become a certified real estate appraiser was rejected, Noam brought the staff in charge of the agency concerned, as well as a female supervisor and the state labor secretary, to her office. Noem’s daughter was also present at the meeting, The Associated Press reported.

Sherry Brain, the 70-year-old head of the state’s evaluation program, was fired a week later. Cassidy’s application was approved four months later.

Allegations of nepotism took a devastating week; She was Forced to reject the report of the affair With a political assistant Corey Lewandowski But Break up with him a day later After a major donor to Trump accused him of sexual harassment.

Noam did not answer reporters’ questions on the allegations of nepotism, instead opting to release a video and some tweets that avoided addressing the main details. She did not deny the facts in the story.

In her video, she claims she tried to improve the system of real estate appraisals in South Dakota, “after years of listening” to how difficult it was to become an appraiser.

“The system has been broken for decades,” she said. “It was designed to benefit those who are already certified and to keep others away.”

Without naming Brain, she said the person in charge of the system has been there for 40 years and efforts to simplify the process have failed.

“I’ve been working on it for years to fix it and over the last few years I’ve realized how difficult it is to fix it,” she said.

However, why did Noam not attend the meeting with her 26-year-old daughter Cassidy Brain and other top officials, if they were just talking about improving the system. She did not say why Cassidy failed to get a license and how she got it four months later.

Noam said Cassidy “followed all the same steps as all other assessments,” including 200 hours of assessment teaching and 1,500 hours of work throughout the year.

“It’s a fact but the media is ignoring that fact,” she said. “They attack my daughter to get cheap political points.”

Government ethics experts consulted by the Associated Press have called the case a clear “abuse of power and interests” and State Tornady General Jason Ravensborg said they would investigate After being contacted by “concerned citizens and MLAs”.

Ravensborg’s participation brought a sarcastic turn to fate. Noam had demanded Ravensborg’s resignation earlier this year He was found to have killed a man while driving He then claimed that he thought he had killed the deer. He pleaded not guilty to the two offenses, did not face any trial and refused to resign.


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