The tragedy of Koeman’s resignation… a huge number and a “small” salary for the new coach!

It is difficult in Barcelona.

Ronald Koeman’s departure from Barcelona training is only a matter of time, but this sacking will cost the Catalan club a lot of money and even cast a shadow on the Blaugrana’s new coach.

Koeman signed a contract in the summer of 2020 to train Barcelona as Kiki Sittin’s successor, with a two-year extension in the era of former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who appears to have left a “problem” for his successor, Joan. laporta.

Although Koeman will receive an annual salary of just €7 million, his resignation from Barcelona will now force the Laporta government to compensate him with €13 million.

The good news is that the Barça administration is not obliged to pay this compensation immediately and can postpone it until the end of the season, although the case could lead to disputes similar to those with Quique Setién currently pending in court.

The unpleasant surprise is that with Koeman’s resignation and given the salary cap that Barcelona now has, Barca can only pay a very small amount in salary to the new coach, with no possibility of increasing it in the future.

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This amount is 3.8 million euros on an annual basis and could drop to 2.9 million euros if Koeman stays at Barcelona for a longer period.

The reality is that this salary can never earn a coach from Europe’s elite as the average English clubs pay their coaches more than this, so it seems logical that Laporta will turn to the young options to salvage the situation.

It is worth noting that the Spanish newspapers nominated Xavi Hernandez and Andrea Pirlo as Koeman’s successors, and his name was also mentioned by Marcelo Gallardo with the name of the current Belgian coach, Roberto Martinez.


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