The WWE Draft won’t go into effect until October 22

WWE has released the following video explaining the rules for this year’s draft, which will start over Tonight’s episode (October 1, 2021) from Friday night smackdown and conclude Monday Night Raw next week:

What was explained in the video:

  • Half of the list is eligible for drafting tonight, and the other half will be drafted next week
  • Anyone who has not been drafted will become a free agent eligible to sign with any of the brands
  • The changes won’t take effect until October 22, just one night after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

This means that both brands will keep the rosters they currently have for the next three weeks, giving both time to finish storylines, such as Women’s SmackDown title imageRoman Reigns and Brock Lesnar battle for the Universal Championship, The New Day and The Hurt Business’s Beef raw, and so on and so forth.

This raises the question of why they don’t just wait and do the draft on October 22nd, but, hey, it’s WWE.

see you tonight!

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