They tortured a student to get his credit card code, 17 years in prison

Two men were sentenced Friday by the Oise Assisenhof to 17 years in prison for torturing and leaving for dead a student from whom they wanted to extort his bank card code

Found naked in a fieldGuillaume was left for dead by two men trying to get his credit card code. The judges were stricter than the general counsel who had demanded 15 years against Marvin T. and Montassar H., 23 years old at the time of the facts. The two defendants said they would appeal, the defense found the sentence “excessive”.

The third defendant, Émilie D., then 17 years old, was in turn sentenced to five years, three of which with a three-year suspension and a sentence for the heavy part. She’s not appealing.

“I have been heard. This is what I expected from this trial. I feel liberated, I will be able to move on,” replied Guillaume G., saying” hope that this sanction will enable the accused to change “. For his lawyer, Me Matthieu Chirez, who during his plea ” denounced a global criminal project involving torture and barbarism”, “this decision by a popular jury is a reminder of the gravity of the facts”.

“Cruelty in its raw state”

The victim, a 25-year-old Parisian student from Yvelines, was found seriously injured in the early morning of April 19, 2017, in a field near the ponds of Boran-sur-Oise (Oise). Left completely naked at -4 degrees, he was in a state of hypothermia. A few hours earlier, he had met the defendants – as well as a minor who will be tried later – in their vehicle, after an evening in Paris. He had asked them to take him home.

The four youths then violently attacked him, stealing his property and having him hand over his bank card code.

“This case is brutal cruelty. The victim was stripped naked, humiliated. Guillaume will be showered with blows, a wave of violence for 1 hour and 20 minutes,” General Counsel Manon Noël insisted during his claim. “But that is not enough: it is burned in the face, on the body, torn, beaten with a stick that one tries to insert into the anus. The victim follows her attackers on all fours because she can no longer walk. They have reduced it to the status of an animal,” she continued.

“I remember a field with that man’s voice telling me: your credit card code or we’ll kill you,” Guillaume G., 29 today, said at the trial. The student, now an engineer in the Ministry of the Armed Forces, will never give the correct code. “If that could have stopped the hitting, I would have given it.” But I couldn’t be myself anymore,” he explained.

Tried for violence, extortion, torture and acts of barbarity, kidnapping and theft, the suspect was found thanks to the phone. Their Audi A3 was also filmed by CCTV cameras. At the end of the pleadings, they apologized to the victim and his family.

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