two little girls spend several days with their deceased mother

The two girls were taken to hospital for food and medical examinations before being placed in child protection.

Two girls aged 5 and 7 were hospitalized and then entrusted to the social assistance for children (ASE) after spending several days near the body of their mother, who died of natural causes in an apartment in Le man.

It was the school principals who reported the long absence of the two girls to the police and the public prosecutor’s office, who went to kindergarten and primary school. On Wednesday, the police went to the family’s apartment, in the popular Sablon district of Le Mans.

“We mustn’t make noise, mom is sleeping,” the girls replied, according to the prosecutor consulted by Agence France-Presse (AFP), confirming the information of the daily newspaper. Maine Libre.

Police insisted and then found their mother’s body. Born in 1990 in Côte d’Ivoire and suffering from health problems, the woman died of natural causes, according to the results of the autopsy ordered by the prosecution.

Le Mans prosecutor describes case as “dramatic”

“His death dates back more than 48 hours,” but not several weeks, Le Mans prosecutor Delphine Dewailly told AFP, citing a “dramatic” case.

The two girls were taken to hospital for food and a medical examination. Subsequently, the public prosecutor’s office issued a provisional placement order to entrust them to the assistance for children.

“We’ve eliminated the criminal contention,” Delphine Dewailly said. “We’re going to give ourselves a few days now to try and collect the testimonials from the little girls.”

Psychological support has been set up for them.

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