Victoria’s posts registered 1,488 cases, a pillar of the protests; New cases in NSW fell to 813 a day after Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian resigned; FIFA World Cup fears ease as Queensland reports two new cases

In the early months of the pandemic, David Barton, seated next to his dying wife, realized that in our unique determination to protect life from the spread of the virus, we were in danger of losing something valuable.

Ann Barton was not sick with COVID-19, she was sick with cancer. Liver cancer is inoperable, and after 16 months of ravages of chemotherapy and disease progression, she decides to stop fighting. Now that you’re in palliative care, the important thing was to be as comfortable as possible and share the time you left with the people you love.

Dr. David Barton says his inability to hold a proper funeral for Anne, his wife of 44 years, was a huge loss of a fundamental right.attributed to him:Eddie Jim

Instead, COVID restrictions imposed on the small hospital where she was receiving care meant she was only allowed one visitor per day for one hour. This included visits from her husband of 44 years. If either of their children wanted to see their mother, David wouldn’t be able to see his wife. Their grandchildren could not come at all.

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