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The presentation of «Strana vita, la mia». Every election has political consequences, including those that apparently shouldn’t be.

“Every election has political consequences, even those that apparently shouldn’t.” Romano Prodic refers to the vote for the city council tomorrow and Monday and interweaves current events with a broader discourse – “the extreme weakness of the parties” and the fear of “an erosion of democracy” – themes that are the common thread of the book that was written with the journalist of the Courier service Marco Ascione
Strange life, mine
presented yesterday by the Foundation Corriere della Sera, with an introduction by chairman Piergaetano Marchetti.

Letta’s attempt

The former President of the Council of the Olive Tree and of the Union looks at the current fluctuating dialogue between the Democratic Party and the M5S and defines it as “an experiment”. In some cities – explains the professor – “there is a real alliance like in Bologna”, in others “breaking” as in Turin, in still others a “semi-mediation”. For Prodi, such a phase, between the two forces that should form the center-left of tomorrow, is inevitable, “even if it comes from different stories”. The outcome of the alliance experiment between the Democratic Party and the M5S is not unbalanced, but the more or less bumpy path seems to have been followed: «To find a majority, adjustments are indispensable. In politics it is a continuous experimentation, even in Germany they are experimenting ».

What the former prime minister fears, however, is that this “experiment” will take place between weak parties. And speaking of the Democratic Party, he adds: “Enrico Letta is trying to reconstruct a popular base of the party, I hope he succeeds. But much will also depend on the results of these municipalities. If they go well, he will have the strength to take a second step and overcome the personal factions within the Democratic Party ».

Salvini .’s unpredictability

Answering questions from the director of the Courier service Luciano Fontana, between personal memories and analysis of international politics, Prodi
he does not shy away from reasoning about the League, starting with Umberto Bossi and ending with Matteo Salvini: «I once went to the Milanese headquarters of the Carroccio because I am a curious animal. There were busy people, it looked like a parish. The League could be popular – he notes – but Bossi was extremely variable ». Today, according to the professor, Salvini’s unpredictability has grown exponentially: «The moods, the popularity of one day are chasing each other. At first it makes you climb to very high peaks, but then it disorients you ».

Sylvie Goulard’s tribute

This is why the former leader of the Ulivo says he is “nostalgic for the old parties” and for articulated political programs: “I wrote one of 200 pages and everyone laughed. But in Germany, faced with such long programs, they don’t laugh » A theme, that of the need for in-depth projects, collected by the president of RCS Urbano Cairo: “Especially as the country is recovering and preparing for the challenge of the PNRR”.

Prodi is passionate about Europe and, despite the difficulties, foresees “a step forward” for the Union. From Paris the tribute of Sylvie Goulard, who was his closest collaborator in the EU Commission: “Here is a real pro-European”. In the hall, as a testimony of that season in Brussels, also life senator Mario Monti.

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