What is Acacia Kersey’s net worth? All about influencer when she leaves the internet

Acacia Kersey has announced that she will be shutting down social media “indefinitely”. The 23-year-old gained online recognition through her Tumblr posts, where she often took selfies of herself.

Since then, she has built a career online and has also become a family and lifestyle influencer. Kersey created her own YouTube channel, “Acaciacutie”, where she posted lifestyle content along with her husband and children.

Throughout her lengthy online career, Acacia Kersey has amassed 870K subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Instagram.

The shocking announcement from the online sensation read:

Who is Acacia Kersey? Net worth, Tumblr drama, controversies and more

According to Biography Daily, the value of Acacia Kersey is estimated at $700K to $1 million. Although the YouTuber achieved internet stardom via Tumblr, it wasn’t for the right reasons.

Acacia Kersey became popular on the social media platform after she posted inappropriate photos of herself at a young age. She also got into relationships with several guys who were much older than her.

Urban Dictionary also described her as:

“An ex-Tumblr girl who is notorious for getting into relationships (often with guys a lot older than herself) incredibly quickly, injuring herself and abusing pets.”

Kersey took advantage of her Tumblr fame to gain popularity on other platforms. As she got older, the content she posted online changed and she quickly became a family-friendly brand.

She started dating Jairus Kersey, a rock band singer from Alive Like Me. The two documented their lives together, along with their three children, the first of which Kersey had when she was just 18.

After Acacia Kersey labeled herself an influencer, she received serious reactions from the internet. She was also called a “bad mom” after her daughter, who was born with a disability, was reportedly neglected.

The Boston resident was also forced to back down and apologize for some of the racist tweets she posted.

The most recent drama the mother vlogger got into was reportedly stealing a series of Instagram presets from a fellow influencer.

Apparently, the social media influencer has become a subject of hate for the internet. Taking a step back from social media seems like a good move for the family.


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