Where to get silk flowers in Genshin Impact

Silk Flower is a local specialty that only grows in a few specific areas of Liyue in Genshin Impact.

Two Genshin Impact characters need Silk Flowers to fully level up. Both Hu Tao and Xingqiu need 168, and these materials only spawn in Liyue. Genshin Impact players can find Silk Flowers in Liyue Harbor and Wangshu Inn, and two vendors are selling it.

Alternatively, Genshin Impact players can use the gardening feature in the Serenitea Pot to grow more of it. This guide covers how players can receive a Silk Flower through the standard methods, but does not include event-specific options.

Where to find silk flowers in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can use the interactive map to see each Silk Flower spawn. Unsurprisingly, they only spawn in Liyue. Fortunately, Qiqi owners can use her passive to find the various local Liyue specialties even easier.

The two main areas that players should look for are Wangshu Inn and Liyue Harbor. It is not in the inn itself for the former area. Instead, players have to find their way there. Silk Flower spawns east of the inn, with some spawning to the north.

The western part of Liyue Harbor also has a few silk flowers for players to pick up. They are easily identified by their pink appearance in the red flowers they surround themselves with in Genshin Impact.

Each spawn has two collectible Silk Flowers.

farm route

The above YouTube video shows a quick farming route to find all 38 Silk Flower locations in Genshin Impact. Players should remember that they need 168 of this material to fully climb either Hu Tao or Xingqiu.

No weapon currently requires Silk Flowers. Likewise, no talents require the player to possess one.

Silk Flowers are like other plant materials in Genshin Impact. You just have to walk up to it and interact with it to collect it.

Two sellers

Verr Goldet sells silk flowers (Image via Genshin Impact) Ms. Bai also sells silk flowers (Image via Genshin Impact) A player in the plant screen (Image via Genshin Impact)Read also

Alternatively, one can also acquire a silk flower through gardening. Go to the Realm Depot in the Serenitea Pot and go to “Creatures of the Realm”. The Silk Flower Seed costs five Realm currencies and players can purchase up to five at a time. It will come back in a week.

Genshin Impact players can plant the seeds in the Luxuriant Glebe. They can reap what they sow in two days and 22 hours. The output is two Silk Flowers per Silk Flower Seed.


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