Which 0-3 NFL Teams Can Finally Win This Week?

The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped to 0-4 last night after a competitive game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

There were some positive signs in their loss, but they are still learning how to win as a group and manage a game.

No doubt the Jaguars will get their first win sooner rather than later, but Week 4 offers some interesting matchups, with all eyes on New England vs Tampa Bay to see if it will be Tom Brady or Bill Belichick who will come forward. come out as the winner.

But what about the other teams who have yet to win a game this season? The New York Jets, the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants and the Detroit Lions have all not tasted success yet. Will any of them be able to win this week or will they still be under tremendous pressure going into week 5?

New York Jets
I don’t think many are surprised that the Jets are currently 0-3. With rookie quarterback, rookie head coach and a number of rookies on the defensive side, it’s to be expected. They have only scored 20 points after three games, which is a major concern.

Zach Wilson struggled with just two passing touchdowns to his name and seven interceptions. It doesn’t help if you’re behind an offensive line that has already given up 15 bags and is a mess defensively.

The Jets host the Tennessee Titans this week and it’s going to be a tough day for the Jets either way. The Titans weren’t quite as impressive as a 2-1 start should be, but they still have a positive record. The defending Titans are nothing special, but offensively that’s a different story as they are currently seventh in overall offense after three games.

The Titans will have to be without receivers AJ Brown and Julio Jones for this match, which is a huge blow. Still, the Titans have Derrick Henry, who should dominate the Jets defense this Sunday and I expect the Jets to drop to 0-4.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Indianapolis Colts
The Colts were so disappointing to watch after three games. There were high expectations for this group during the off season and they have not yet been fulfilled. Carson Wentz has had a hard time and the offensive line is already broken. Their defense was average to say the least, with the best performance against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 2.

They travel to Miami to take on the dolphins, who have their own problems starting the year. The dolphins were overhyped during the off season and we are starting to see who the dolphins really are. This is the game where the Colts finally get a win on the board and Wentz finally has a big game.

The Colts will need it like they go to 0-4, it’s panic time with their next game against the Baltimore Ravens down the road. Still, I will single out the Colts to beat the Dolphins by a field goal.

New York Giants
0-4 is very likely here. The Giants were disappointing to watch after three weeks. Their defense has its moments and they now have some elite assault weapons on their roster but still manage to find a way to lose every week. Their games against the Washington Football Team and the Atlanta Falcons are both perfect examples. The highlights show how poorly they manage the game and their head coach’s questionable play-calls.

The hatred for Daniel Jones is a little unfair at times, but other times I understand where fans are coming from.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Giants have a good squad and really shouldn’t be 0-4. Now they’re going head-to-head with the New Orleans Saints who looked great in Week 1, looked beyond terrible in Week 2, and looked great against the Patriots last week.

I don’t see the Giants beating the Saints when the Saints return home for the first time this season. It will be an emotional return for the Saints and their fans, given what they’ve been through recently after Hurricane Ida.

Detroit Lions
It was such a Lions way to lose to the Ravens last week. Justin Tucker’s 66-yard field goal with only seconds left to win was just incredible. Still, the Lions played well and should have beaten the Ravens.

To give the Lions some credit, they played better than many expected. Last week was a heartbreaking way to lose and they now have to walk into Chicago to face a divisional rival in the Bears.

With the way the Bears are playing (especially after last week), I predict the Lions will leave Chicago with the win. Say what you will about Jared Goff, but he’s an accomplished quarterback and that’s more than what the Bears have to offer this Sunday.

Justin Fields had a rough time last week, it wasn’t pretty and I expect the Lions defense to put nothing but pressure on the young quarterback. Just follow what the Browns did last week and the Lions win.

Latest Predictions
Titans beat Jets.

Colts beat dolphins.

Saints defeat Giants.

Lions beat bears.

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