WWE SmackDown results, summary, scores: WWE Draft starts and Brock Lesnar attacks Roman Reigns

On Friday night, WWE kicked off the annual WWE Draft with a SmackDown. As expected, there have been a lot of big names being coined, with some of these big names being changed to new brands.

One of the most notable of those changing brands was Charlotte Flair, who was drafted into SmackDown despite being the current Raw Women’s Champion. The SmackDown women’s champion wasn’t among those eligible to enlist on Friday night, leaving it until Monday to see if SmackDown ends up with two women’s champions on the roster.

CBS Sports was with you all night with summaries and highlights from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore.

First night of WWE Project

The first picks from WWE Draft kicked off the show, with Raw and SmackDown receiving two picks per round instead of Raw getting an extra pick due to their three-hour build. While both brands began retaining men’s champions – SmackDown with Roman Reigns and Raw Big E – SmackDown made his first big move of the night, drafting Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Other big moves included Drew McIntyre’s move to SmackDown, New Day’s Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods moved back away from Big E as the team went to Raw. The first NXT group to be drafted was Hit Row, with the entire stable being drafted at SmackDown. you can see the Full details of the draft here.

As expected, there were some big surprises in the draft. Flair’s move to SmackDown is a big deal and could be even bigger depending on how the second half of the draft runs on Raw. There was also some controversy about pulling New Day away from Big E for the second consecutive draft, drawing plenty of audible boos from a crowd wanting to see one of the company’s most iconic acts stay together. The draft would have been more interesting if the qualified talent pools had been made available for the night before the show. B-grade

Brock Lesnar ruins Roman Reigns’ night

Reigns came to the ring after the initial draft pick, celebrating his status as the top draft pick overall and his Extreme Rules win over Finn Balor. After Reigns and Paul Heyman turned their attention to Crown Jewel and challenged Brock Lesnar, Lesnar made his way to the ring, sparring with the world champion before destroying The Usos and hitting both with F-5s as Reigns had to side with him. Watch.

Later on the show, Lesnar interrupted a planned behind-the-scenes interview with Jeff Hardy – who had just been drafted on SmackDown. Lesnar declared that he would do whatever he wanted because he was now a free agent, and stated several times that his situation was “thanks to Paul Heyman”. Behind the scenes, Reigns asked Heyman if he was, in fact, “good friends” with Lesnar. Reigns shouted at Heyman that Usos wasn’t drafted on the first night despite a planned roster split. Reigns told Heyman to go to Raw on Monday and make sure the draft was working properly, then told The Usos to go with him and “let him die” if Heyman failed.

Lesnar is the rare talent who makes every moment seem so much bigger just by being there. Getting to see him throw The Usos around was good fun and Reigns kept spinning knowing that Lesnar’s remnants in his future gave a new wrinkle to his dominant personality. It will be interesting to see if WWE moves Heyman away from Reigns given that he was so important in this business but more important to Lesnar throughout his career. B degree

What else happened in WWE SmackDown?

  • Happy Corbin Dave. Kevin Owens via installation after the end of days. Corbin is now officially accompanied by Riddick Moss, who is now Madcap Moss.
  • Seth Rollins breaks into Edge’s house. Edge had been in the ring to face Rollins’ threats from the previous week when Rollins appeared on Tron at Edge’s house, left himself at home and ate Edge’s food and explored the house. Edge called his wife and told her not to come home because she was out bringing groceries with her children.
  • Carmella attacked Lev Morgan before their match. Carmella rolled off the ring before the match started as assistants put a mask on her face. After attacking Morgan, Carmella celebrated and left with the match not happening.
  • He defeated the new day and street earnings. Chad Gable, Otis, Robert Rudy, and Dolph Ziggler via installation.
  • Sasha Banks defeated. Bianca Belair via installation With a roll-up after Becky Lynch pulled out his Belair braid. After the match, Charlotte Flair ran to attack the two women before appearing in the ring with the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch, who was commenting on the suspension, appeared outside the ring with her women’s title SmackDown.

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