5 features that make GTA 5 stand out

The GTA series always brings something new with every game, and GTA 5 is no different.

Players will immediately realize how this game stands out. GTA 5 introduces several new mechanics to the series. These range from combat improvements to transformation sequences. It’s essentially a very different game.

GTA 5 was hugely successful upon release. It made a billion dollars within the first three days. These exclusive features allow players to enjoy something new in the series.

Five GTA 5 features that set it apart from the series

5) The map is a giant landmass

Previous games in the series had a collection of islands and players had to travel from one to the other. Liberty City, for example, consists of several islands. Each of them will be unlocked throughout the story.

GTA 5 now uses an entire landmass for the map. There are also no restrictions on where players can go. Blaine County, for example, is available from the get-go. This is a big change in the design philosophy for GTA. The entire state of San Andreas is ready to be explored by players.

4) Players can turn into animals

This is an exclusive feature in enhanced versions of GTA 5. Players can now control different animals. All they have to do is collect a few plants. They are scattered throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.

There are different animals to play with. These range from land mammals and flightless birds to aquatic life and mythical creatures. There is nothing comparable in the series. GTA 5 is the first game in the series to implement this feature.

3) Special skills

Rockstar now introduces new special abilities for each protagonist. Michael, Trevor and Franklin all specialize in different skills. GTA 5 players can take advantage of it.

These skills are a basic need in more difficult missions, and GTA 5 players can use them if they need to. It can provide coupling moments in any situation. This allows Franklin to use his ability to make a last-minute turn in a street race. This can be a deciding factor in reaching the finish line.

2) Battles are smoother

GTA 5 players now have more control over their battles. The Weapon Wheel allows players to easily switch between their squads. This is very useful when they need the right weapon.

Along with special abilities and GTA 4’s coverage system, battles are now more dynamic than ever before.

1) Players can switch between different characters

This is by far the biggest change in GTA 5. Players can now control multiple protagonists, each with their own personalities. This has a major impact on the gameplay. For example, multiple GTA 5 missions switch between different perspectives. This also extends to which properties to buy.

GTA 5 set a precedent for non-linear gameplay and storytelling. It was not intimidated or bothered by its custom features. Suffice it to say that Rockstar Games has raised the bar with this iconic title.

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