5 features that make the expanded and improved edition of GTA 5 worth buying

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5 features that make the expanded and improved edition of GTA 5 worth buying

Fans have expressed disappointment with the Expanded and Enhanced Editions of GTA 5.

There are improvements to note in the trailer, but it seems minimal compared to what the Enhanced Edition brought over the original game.

Rockstar Games could hold off with information until it gets closer to the launch date. Therefore, some players may think that there are more features to showcase.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are significantly more powerful than their predecessors. There’s a lot that Rockstar Games could do to make GTA 5’s Expanded and Enhanced Editions worth buying.

Five features that would be great for the expanded and improved edition of GTA 5

5) Some GTA Online Items

It would be funny if GTA 5 players could let Trevor ride an Oppressor Mk II without mods. It won’t be difficult to import some vehicles from GTA Online into GTA 5; modders do it effortlessly as it is.

Likewise, it would be nice to have more weapons in GTA 5’s Expanded and Enhanced Editions. The Mk II weapons would make driving enemies even more brutal, not to mention feeling more customizable.

4) More races

One of the most exciting aspects of GTA Online is that there are countless types of races, something that GTA 5 lacks. Of course, more races would be a perfect addition to adding some vehicles from GTA Online to the game.

Some of the Los Santos Tuners races show that GTA 5 doesn’t need over-the-top vehicles for a good old-fashioned race.

3) A bonus for GTA Online

It would help both fan bases (Image via Rockstar Games)

Plus, those who like both GTA games would enjoy every bonus.

2) More single player missions

Wildlife Photography Challenge was a prime example in GTA 5's Enhanced Edition (Image via Rockstar Games)

1) Official VR Support

Many GTA fans have resorted to unofficial VR mods to play GTA 5 in virtual reality. If LA Noire can get VR support, it seems ridiculous that GTA 5 doesn’t have it yet. The former is a great game to play through, but GTA 5 is the most successful single-player GTA game in history.

Having official VR support would go a long way in making GTA 5’s Expanded and Enhanced Editions feel more “enhanced”. It already has a first-person POV, but that’s not enough to simulate virtual reality alone.

The Expanded and Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 is currently a coin flip. Players are torn and Rockstar’s silence hasn’t helped. One can speculate until the launch date, but no doubt the game should live up to expectations.

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