8 dead, including a Romanian billionaire, in plane crash near Milan


Milan – AFP
A tourist plane crashed near Milan on Sunday, according to the Italian National Aviation Safety Agency, in an accident that killed the pilot and seven passengers, according to local media.
The plane, a Pilatus PC-12, took off at 13:04 from Linate Airport in Milan, northern Italy, bound for Olbia in Sardinia (south), and crashed a few minutes after takeoff from the city of San Donato Milanese , located southeast of the capital of the Lombardy region, according to the National Aviation Safety Agency, which has opened an investigation.
Witnesses said the plane was on fire before it crashed and that it collided with an uninhabited building under restoration, and the newspaper El Corriere della Sera reported that the pilot was Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu (68) and among the passengers. , especially his 65-year-old wife, who is also a French national, his son, Dan Stefano, 30, and one child.
Dan Petrescu is one of the richest people in Romania, has German nationality, owns a large construction group, owns supermarkets and shopping centers.
“I heard the windows shake,” Giuseppe, 26, who lives near the crash site, told the Italian press. “I opened the window, just like in the movies, I saw a big cloud of smoke rising and called the emergency services.”
The building, which housed offices and a parking garage, is close to the metro station in San Donato, which connects the city to Milan.
The mayors of Milan, Beppe Sala and San Donato Andrea Kiki, inspected the crash site on the borders of their municipalities.
The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine aircraft that can also be used for cargo or transportation purposes, as it can accommodate up to nine passengers.



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