A photo of Ronaldo’s shin guard during Everton’s game sparks controversy (pictured)


Manchester United lost key points in their battle for the Premier League title after falling into a 1-1 draw with host Everton in the seventh leg of the competition yesterday, Saturday.

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo made an unusual appearance as a substitute in the 57th minute, but he grabbed the spotlight even before entering the stadium.

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Ronaldo's Nabil behavior towards a player

The best player in the world appeared five times during his preparation to enter, as he sat by his team’s bench and put his shin and his image on it.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared the photo, expressing their admiration for Ronaldo’s behavior, while others criticized him, taking this behavior as a sign of the Portuguese star’s arrogance and obsession with self-love.

Ronaldo caused widespread controversy several months ago, with almost the same demeanor, when he appeared wearing a leg protector with a photo of him and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

Manchester United, who are looking for its first English Premier League title since 2013, are second in the standings with 14 points.

Source: sportbible.com

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