Algeria bans French military aircraft from flying over its territory

Algeria bans French military aircraft from flying over its territory

New step. The next day the recall of his ambassador in Paris, Algeria has decided to ban the overflight of its territory to French military aircraft. A thorn in the side for the French army, which confirmed this information from the AFP to AFP Figaro, when actually flying over land as part of Operation Barkhane to reach northern Mali.

According to the newspaper, the staff of the French armies discovered this decision even this Sunday morning. Because at the time of filing the flight plans, the military realized that the overflight authorizations had not been granted by Algiers. “This morning, by submitting the flight plans for two aircraft, we found out that the Algerians were closing the overflight of their territory to French military aircraft,” Colonel Pascal Ianni told AFP. However, he said, “this will not affect any operations or intelligence missions” France conducts in the Sahel.

Early 2013 at the very beginning of Operation Serval, French Rafales had already been barred from Algerian airspace to reach Mali. They must have flown over Morocco and Mauritania, which required five supply points. UMP deputy Alain Marsaud put the question to the National Assembly. The Department of Defense replied that this ban was only due to the necessary response time. “Overflights of Algerian territory by unarmed aircraft and the various technical stopovers necessary for air transit to the Sahel-Saharan strip (in-flight refueling, logistics transport, fighter aircraft convoys) are always permitted by the Algerian authorities” the minister replied. , then Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Macron’s “derailment”

This time it is the words of Emmanuel Macron that seem to offend the Algerian government. “Following the undisputed remarks attributed by name to the President of the French Republic by various French sources, Algeria expresses its categorical rejection of the inadmissible interference in its internal affairs which constitute these remarks,” the Algerian presidency said on Saturday evening. As the 60th anniversary of the end of the Algerian war and its independence approaches, Emmanuel Macron is said to have estimated in front of young people of Algerian descent that Algeria was built on “a memorial” maintained by “the political-military system”, which the Algerian daily newspaper El Watan qualifies as “slipping”. Algiers hadn’t kicked back two weeks ago when Emmanuel Macron had asked “pardon” to the Harkis on behalf of France.

Algeria can’t digest France’s recent decision either halve the number of visas granted to the Algerians in the coming months, a decision that has become necessary, GĂ©rald Darmanin and Gabriel Attal, Minister of the Interior and government spokesman, defended by the refusal of the country to recover on its soil Algerians expelled from France for delinquency, radicalization or clandestine action. “We would rather irritate the people who are in the mainstream, who used to easily apply for visas,” Emmanuel Macron is said to have told the young French-Algerians he met. It’s a “pressure tactic to tell these leaders that if you don’t cooperate to remove people who are in an irregular and dangerous situation, we won’t make your life any easier.”

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