Algeria National Team.. How did Instagram entangle Delor with Belmadi?

Algeria’s coach Djamel Belmadi did not invite Andy Delors, the French striker from Nice, to participate in the two matches against Niger as part of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

The player, nicknamed “The Gypsy”, has been permanently under the accounts of the “Desert Warriors” for the past two years as he took part in 11 matches in which he contributed to 3 goals between industry and registration.

The decision to exclude Delors has no sporting character, especially as the player is considered one of the most prominent stars of the current edition of the French league, scoring 4 goals and scoring 2 in the 7 matches in which he participated .

The French-language website La Gazette de Fenique, which specializes in following Algerian football, revealed the reason for Djamel Belmadi’s decision to exclude Andy Delors from the Algerian national team.

The Algerian website said that the former top scorer of Montpellier on September 3 last published a coded message through his official account on the “Instagram” website, in which he indirectly attacked Jamal Belmadi, which the coach did not like, who responded by expelling him. exclude from the list of the Algerian national team.

“If you want to build a ship, it’s not important to team up, give instructions and divide tasks, you have to give them the desire to explore the distant oceans,” says Delors’ coded message.

It is clear that Delors’ message is for Belmadi, who gave him just 30 minutes of playing time in the third round of World Cup qualifiers during his clash with Djibouti, before keeping him on the bench for the entire game against Burkina. Faso in the fourth round.

Unless exciting developments materialize, the French Nice newcomer is unlikely to renew the alliance with the “Desert Warriors”, especially as Belmadi does not tolerate players who do not respect his technical decisions.

And Jamal Belmadi had previously removed Fawzi Ghulam and Nabil bin Taleb from his accounts, after the former refused to participate in the African Nations “Egypt 2019”, while the latter did not carry out his instructions during the confrontation with Benin that took place in 2018 within the qualifying rounds for the African Nations.

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