Algiers rejects “any interference in its internal affairs” to justify recall of its ambassador in Paris

Algiers rejects “any interference in its internal affairs” to justify recall of its ambassador in Paris

l’Algeria is furious. In a statement released on Saturday, the country justifies the recall of its…
ambassador in Paris by his “rejection of any interference in his internal affairs”, stating his decision was made in response to “statements attributed” to French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Following the undisputed remarks that various French sources have attributed by name to the President of the French Republic, Algeria expresses its categorical rejection of the inadmissible interference in its internal affairs which these remarks constitute,” said the Algerian presidency. In its press release, Algiers believes that the words ofEmmanuel Macron “Its an unbearable attack on the memory of the 5.63 million brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in their heroic resistance to the French colonial invasion and in the glorious revolution of national liberation”.

“Irresponsible comments” according to Algiers

In a daily article The world appeared on Saturday morning that concerns an exchange between Emmanuel Macron and descendants of protagonists of the Algerian war, the French president believes that after its independence in 1962, Algeria was built on “a memorial”, maintained by “the politico-military system”. According to The world, he also calls for “an official history completely rewritten” that “is not based on truths” but on “a speech based on a hatred of France”.

The Algerian presidency therefore justifies the recall of its ambassador Mohamed Antar-Daoud with a “particularly intolerable situation resulting from these irresponsible remarks”. She also criticizes “superficial, approximate and tendentious assessments of the Algerian nation-state construction and the affirmation of national identity that are part of a hackneyed hegemonic conception of relations between states”.

The Algerian press very critical

“This unfortunate intervention fundamentally clashes with the principles that should govern a possible Algerian-French cooperation in the field of memory,” said the Algerian presidency. She explains that she sees “the promotion of an apologetic version of” colonialism Given that “nothing and no one can acquit the colonial powers of their crimes, including the October 17 massacres in Paris that Algeria and its community in France are preparing to commemorate with dignity”.

The French president’s statements are also highly criticized by the Algerian press. The private magazine El Watan for example, his Sunday front page devoted to “Macron’s slippage”, with a line in which he believes that “the French president has strongly criticized the Algerian leaders”.

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