Asti, aged 13, dies trapped in the sofa bed –

A faulty spring which caused the sofa bed to close suddenly. This would be the hypothesis, yet to be verified, that would have led to the death of a 13-year-old of Senegalese descent.

The tragedy happened on Sunday afternoon in via Zagrandi in Asti. The young man was alone in the apartment he shared with his father, returned to Senegal a few days ago to visit his familyand some compatriots.

The 13-year-old is said to have been stretching out on the sofa bed in the living room to rest when, for reasons yet to be determined, the closet suddenly closed on him. A deadly trap that left him no way out and that killed him in his sleep. In fact, he would have stuck with his head and couldn’t free himself. Blocked by the weight of the suffocated dead bed. For him, slender built, there was no escaping it. died almost immediately.

To find his body a nephew who, not hearing him and knowing that his father had left Italy, had gone to assess his health and meanwhile bring him the groceries for dinner. It was he who took care of the younger rather than the parent in these days of absence. But when he opened the front door, he realized something was wrong. And after calling his cousin several times, he began to look for him in the rooms. She hadn’t expected to find him, now lifeless, crushed under the weight of the sofa’s net.

In shock, he couldn’t resist letting the police intervene via 112. The 118 rescuers and the carabinieri who were investigating the matter immediately intervened on the spot.

Useless for any kind of resuscitation by the medical team. Rescuers had no choice but to announce the young man’s death.

The boy was well known in the city. He had been there in Italy a few years ago, he visited the eighth grade of the Goltieri Institute and he was popular because of his education and because of the respect he always held for those he met. Great was the emotion of the neighbors of that house where the boy lived.

The carabinieri will conduct the investigations to clarify the causes of the accident and the prosecutor will decide whether to the autopsy on the body of the young person or, after determining the causes of the accident, return the body to the family, who will then return the body to Senegal, his country of birth.

October 3, 2021 | 19:56


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