Berlusconi goes to vote and breaks the electoral silence: “Good result for the lists. New PDL with Lega and Fdi but change on candidacies”

“We have not pushed the federation aside. We have to conquer the federation with the League to extend it to Fdi . as well. An new PDL? Yes, why not. As you know, the PDL ended not for objective reasons, but because of the betrayal of one of its members ”. Silvio Berlusconic reappears in public and talks to journalists after the vote for the Milan municipal elections, in via Fratelli Ruffini. It is a pity that, as it is election day, the Forza Italia leader is obliged to maintain electoral silence. Silence that broke, explaining that he expected “a” good result as for the votes on the party lists, as for the candidates for mayors we will see, the Milanese will decide ”. And if, on the one hand, the former prime minister denies the center-right split – “All these accusations from some of the press about internal division is unfounded– on the other hand, he spares no poisonous note about the choice of the aspiring first citizens in the running for the coalition: “The candidates for mayor are those that arise from the choices of this or that party leader, rather than democratic choices , so maybe it will be needed next time change system“.

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