Bernie Sanders says the cost bill is likely to be reduced to $ 3.5 trillion

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Bernie Sanders says the cost bill is likely to be reduced to $ 3.5 trillion

In bilateral order Infrastructure bill and large social spending package Sean Bernie Sanders, I-V.

“There should be at least three and a half trillion, but I accept that there must be give and take,” Sanders told ABC “The Week” co-anchor Jonathan Carl.

House progressives have warned the leadership that they will not vote for President Joe Biden Bilateral Infrastructure Bill As long as even the big human infrastructure bill isn’t ready for a vote. The budget resolution calls for investment in climate change policy, childcare and other social programs, and is broader than the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill, which includes measures to improve the country’s physical infrastructure.

“These two bills are moving forward together,” Sanders said, reiterating the progressive call for infrastructure to be passed until the social spending bill is passed.

Moderate sensation. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. It has said it will not support the 3.5 trillion bill. With a low democratic majority in the Senate, no bill will be passed unless Democrats have all the votes.

Cinema released a statement on Saturday accusing the progressives of being “an ineffective stunt” and slamming the House Democratic leadership for failing to reach a bilateral infrastructure agreement.

“The denial of millions of well-paying jobs, safer roads, clean water, more reliable electricity, and better broadband to Americans only hurts everyday families,” Cinema wrote.

Asked to respond to her statement, Carl said Sanders said he felt the cinema was “wrong” and that the two bills should go ahead together. He voted for the infrastructure bill.

“We are not just confronting or dealing with Sen Manchin and Sen cinema, we are confronting the entire ruling class in the country,” Sanders replied. “Right now, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, the fossil fuel industry are spending us hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars that could prevent us Americans from doing what we want.”

“It’s really a test of whether democracy can work,” Sanders said. “I have high hopes and I expect the Democratic caucus and the president – I know he – to stand firm.”

Biden held talks with members last week and met with House Democrats on Capitol Hill on Friday. According to sources in the meeting room, the president suggested reducing the cost of his social policy bill from $ 1.9 to $ 2.2 trillion to compromise.

Sanders said he was not sure if Biden would settle for a 2 2 trillion reconciliation package.

The president also said that small investments can be a historic success, but [for] You, 2 trillion is not enough? “Carl pressed.

“What the president is saying is that what we are trying to do is for working families, children, the elderly in this country, we are trying to pass the most effective part of post-recession law, and that’s right,” Sanders replied.

Manchin has said He will not vote to go for more than $ 2 trillion on the reconciliation bill. Asked how they could proceed without his vote, Sanders said, “Wealthy people who don’t pay federal taxes are billed by raising taxes.

“If Manchin wants to pay for it, I’m there, let’s do it, and by the way, you can pay 3.5 3.5 trillion for it, you can pay 6 6 trillion for it,” Sanders said. “We have a huge income and wealth inequality in this country.”

Democracy Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe says the 3.5 trillion price is too high. Sanders said he “congratulates Terry McAuliffe” and emphasized the popularity of the reconciliation bill, putting pressure on whether the Democratic infighting would hurt not only the Democrats in the midterms but also McAuliffe in the November race.

“The American people want what we’re fighting for,” Sanders said.

Sanders expressed confidence in passing both bills.

“At the end of the day, I’m sure we will have a strong infrastructure bill and a very effective reconciliation bill that will meet the needs of the American people,” Sanders said.


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