Big E Says His WWE Championship Win Wasn’t the Plan He Heard

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract from Bobby Lashley a few weeks ago to win the coveted WWE Championship for the first time in his career. However, according to the former New Day member, winning the title wasn’t part of the plan he’d heard of for his singles push.

Big E announced on Twitter last month that he would be showing up on Monday Night RAW to cash in on his contract, which he successfully did after The Almighty’s title fight with Randy Orton. He recently defended the WWE Championship in a rematch against Lashley on the red mark, which took place in a steel cage.

During an interview with Daily Star, Big E revealed that there had been talk of becoming world champion years ago, but it came and went every time.

“This wasn’t the plan I had heard,” said Big E. “I’m trying to remember what I was referring to – [it was] maybe the Intercontinental Championship that was kind of in the works. But I had heard years ago that I might get the title – or maybe become world champion – several times, but it came and went every time. It’s a little hard to fathom to get here, but in many ways it isn’t. So many of my peers had been so nice, and so many people over the years had said ‘yes, this is something you’re ready for’ or ‘you deserve these opportunities.'”

Big E says he doesn’t want to be anyone but himself

Big E is a huge star and a huge inspiration to many people around the world. He was part of a popular tag team known as the new day with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, and they were called the best tag team in WWE history by the company itself.

On maintaining his originality, the WWE champion stated that he wants to be himself and not a John Cena or Roman Reigns copycat.

“I have no desire to be anyone other than me — I never want to be a Cena copycat or a Roman copycat,” he said. “I feel like it’s still very early, but I feel like it’s working and going well, and I want to keep it going. It’s interesting to look back on the past year or 13 months, because I didn’t know if this would be the endgame. It’s been nice.”

Big E has been drafted for RAW as part of the first round of the WWE Draft, and it’s possible we could see him fight Drew McIntyre for the title before the draft goes into effect after Crown Jewel.

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