Board elections, 12 million Italians vote in 1200 municipalities

At 7 p.m. partial attendance at 34.92% – The turnout at 7pm was 34.92%, according to data collected by the Ministry of the Interior based on 585 municipalities out of 1,153 (while at 12am turnout 12.67%). In the previous administration offices, on a single day, June 5, 2016, at 7 p.m., the percentage of voters was 48.27%.

We also vote in Calabria and for the additional – On the days of October 3 and 4 also the regional elections in Calabria for the election of the president of the region (in one turn), called after the untimely death of Governor Jole Santelli. In this case there are 1,893,606 eligible voters, of which 378,583 are abroad. In addition, it will also vote for additional elections to the Chamber of Deputies in two single-member constituencies: in Siena (just over 200,000 eligible voters), where Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta is running for the position vacated by Piercarlo Padoan (who became Unicredit’s presidency), and Rome-Primavalle (203,000 eligible voters) ), for the post vacant by Emanuela Del Re, appointed EU Special Representative in the Sahel.

In the others autonomous regions the round of administrative elections will take place a week later. In Sicily and Sardinia, the administrative meeting will take place on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 October, with a possible voting round on Sunday 24 and Monday 25. In Trentino-Alto Adige they will take place on Sunday 10 October with a possible voting round on Sunday 24. Finally on November 7, with a possible ballot on November 21, extraordinary board elections will be held for municipalities dissolved due to mafia infiltration.

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