Casey O’Neill plans to return next spring after a busy year

Casey O’Neill plans to return next spring after a busy year

Casey O’Neill is looking to hone his skills after the fifth fight since 2020 – planning to return in March.

UFC flyweight Casey O’Neill battled through some early adversity en route to a second round finish over Antonina Shevchenko at UFC Vegas 38.

O’Neill has had three consecutive stoppages since joining the UFC last year, showing her standout and most importantly her wrestling prowess on every outing. Now the 23-year-old will spend the next few months at the gym trying to improve her game.

“I think my coaches will have a heart attack if I get there before March,” O’Neill said during her post-fight interview. “So I’m going to say I’m going to take the new year off and upgrade my skills and I’ll be back soon.”

Casey O’Neill wants to be a completely different fighter when he returns

The emerging talent ensures that she will be a completely different puzzle to solve the next time she steps into the Octagon.

“I just mean I’m going to work a little bit behind the scenes,” she said. “Every time you go in, there’s more and more tape on you for everyone to study. So I want a completely different fighter every time and I think it will take me a few months to improve on some of the things that I want to improve. I’m probably going to train three more times a day.”

O’Neill passed her toughest test yet in her career with flying colours. The emerging talent knew she had something to prove against Shevchenko.

“She had the most name value that came in and the most recognized person I’ve ever fought,” O’Neill confirmed. “She was known for being tough and difficult to store, especially when standing. So I just wanted to go in there and prove how strong I was and that I could take out anyone they put in front of me.

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