“Chain Dog and Enforcer”: Another Violent Dispute in Berlin’s AfD Parliamentary Group – Berlin

A week later for the Berlin AfD devastating result of the elections for the House of Representatives the trench warfare within the party continues unabated.

After AfD country manager and top candidate Kristin Brinker on Thursday elected faction leader and a new parliamentary commission had been appointed, accusations from the warring camp.

Brinker supplied the faction to the radical forces around Thorsten Weiß, ex-chairman of the party’s officially dissolved wing, and led them on the “Thuringer Höcke Weg”, according to an internal circulating article available to the Tagesspiegel.

Harald Laatsch, recently spokesperson for buildings policy of the House of Representatives faction and confidant of Brinker, was also attacked. Laatsch, who has been recruited into the House of Representatives via the state list, is called Brinkers ‘tether dog and enforcer’ and ‘very poisonous’.

The 49-year-old party leader left the allegations untouched on Saturday, Laatsch did not respond to a request.

Pazderski strongly criticizes Brinker

It seems clear: The Brinker’s clear-majority opponents, especially ex-party leader Georg Pazderski and his confidant Frank-Christian Hansel, have not yet given up on the dispute. Pazderski, who failed in the election because of his accession to the Bundestag and who is said to be a major pain in leaving the political scene within the party, had already published a critique the day after the election that did not make Brinker happy.

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Pazderski responded with a “clarification” to their election as group leader. In it he informed all members of the group and staff of the group that the old MPs and therefore also the old parliamentary committee – under his leadership – would have all rights and obligations until the constituent meeting of the parliament.

Hans, on the other hand, was persistent for months Dispute over the finances of the faction Counterparty Brinkers. He lost the position of parliamentary director (PGF) in the election of the political group board, in the duel for one of the three deputy posts Hans was defeated against white. According to reports, the deciding factor was the vote of Antonin Brousek, the group’s only new member.

Fraction almost halved

It will consist of 25 members in the future instead of 25 at the beginning of the previous parliamentary term. Among them is the directly elected Gunnar Lindemann, who, although intermittently drew attention to himself in parliament, spent much of the legislature abroad. Jeannette Auricht, who is close to the grand piano, was also chosen directly.

Among the re-elected MPs are Ronald Bril, Karsten Woldeit and Marc Vallendar, three representatives of the Pazderski camp. Bril as the new PGF and Woldeit as Brinker’s deputy have influence. Little has changed in the stalemate between the two camps, which has paralyzed the faction.

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