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Climate change affects moonlight London – Arab Today

Is there a link between climate change and moonlight? It may seem unlikely, but a US study indicated that what we do on Earth, leading to climate change, will affect what we receive from moonlight, leading to a decrease in Earth’s brightness. Jersey Institute of Technology used decades of measurements of Earth’s brightness, the sunlight reflected from Earth that illuminates the moon’s surface, plus satellite measurements, to see if this light has declined significantly over the past two years. decades.
The Earth now reflects “about half a watt of light per square meter less than 20 years ago,” according to the study, published the day before yesterday in the Journal of Geophysical Research Letters. .
“The decline in albedo came as a surprise to us when we analyzed data from the past three years after 17 years of terrestrial data from 1998-2017 collected by the Big Bear Solar Observatory in Southern California, when the most recent data was added to previous years, the dimming trend became clear.”
There are two things that affect the pure sunlight reaching the Earth, namely the brightness of the Sun and the light reflected from the Earth to the Moon, and the changes observed by the researchers were unrelated to the presence of periodic changes in the brightness of the sun, and this means that changes in the light reflected from the earth to the moon are caused by something on the ground.
Specifically, in recent years, according to satellite measurements taken as part of the NASA Clouds Project and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES), there has been a decrease in bright and reflective low clouds over the eastern Pacific Ocean. region, off the west coasts of the Americas, where increases in sea surface temperatures have been recorded due to the reversal of a climatic condition called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, with a possible connection to the global climate change.

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