Covid-19 NSW: Fully vaccinated self-isolation period for close contacts is seven days from October 11

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Covid-19 NSW: Fully vaccinated self-isolation period for close contacts is seven days from October 11

One state announced a significant change in self-isolation requirements for people who have been fully vaccinated as of October 11.

Fully vaccinated NSW people in close contact with a positive case will only have to self-isolate for seven days, down from 14, in just over a week.

New South Wales health officials announced on Sunday the rule change, which will start after 70 per cent of the population have been vaccinated.

From October 11, anyone who has been fully vaccinated in close contact must be tested and self-isolated for seven days, and tested again on the sixth day.

If the second test comes back negative, then the person can end the isolation. If a person tests positive for Covid-19, they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days, regardless of vaccination status.

“We know that most cases will occur in the first full seven-day period,” said Dr Kerry Chant, NSW’s chief health officer.

“If (the isolated person) remains well after seven days, after the seventh day of the test and the sixth day of the test, then there is very little chance of it becoming contagious after that.

“As a precaution, we are asking these individuals not to (go to) hospitality (place), and to work from home where possible for the remainder of the seven days.”

NSW is close to 90 per cent of its eligible residents who have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and the number is currently 88.12 per cent.

There are 66.5 percent of eligible people in the state who are fully vaccinated and the state is expected to reach 70 percent in the coming days, which will ease a number of restrictions.

When that goal is reached, the government’s plan states that bars, retail stores and gyms will be able to reopen, but only to those who can fully reopen.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard has stressed that the onus is on businesses to ensure customers prove their vaccination status while NSW is only open to immunization.

Some business owners, including prominent chefs and restaurateurs such as Neil Berry raised concerns about whether they should bear the burden of turning away unvaccinated customers instead of the government.

“Companies will be responsible for taking reasonable measures to prevent unvaccinated persons from entering the premises,” said a statement from Mr Hazzard.

“For example, having prominent signs stating requirements, NSW NSW QR codes, staff checking vaccination status on entry and accepting only valid forms of vaccination evidence.

“Approved officials will monitor the reopening of businesses, particularly those that have vaccination requirements, for example hospitality, retail, gyms, and personal services (such as hair and beauty).

“Penalties may apply to individuals and companies who do not comply.”

Individuals who break the rules or are pressured into using fake vaccination certificates or check-in screens face immediate fines of $1,000.

Companies that do not comply with the requirements face fines of $5,000.


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