Cuccinelli touches Herring because he has Va. has taken crime in ‘bad direction’

Former Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinellic said the choice couldn’t be stronger over who should be the state’s next top law enforcement officer.

mr. Cuccinelli, who held the position between 2010 and 2014, said crime is at the pinnacle of the attorney general’s race Mark Haring, a Democrat looking for to be third term and GOP candidate Jason Miyares.

“Crime is a focal point in that race, and they are very contradictory,” said Mr De Jong. Cuccinelli told The Washington Times. “Virginia is heading in the wrong direction.”

mr. Cuccinelli, who also served with the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, Mr. Herring of the office in an unconstitutional manner.

For example, the former Attorney General targeted Mr. Herring‘s refusal to uphold the state’s previous ban on same-sex marriage shortly after he took office.

mr. Herring, who claimed that Virginia “should be on the right side of history,” was criticized at the time by opponents who said he had a duty to enforce the law in to be position as Attorney General.

“As Attorney General I had to defend gun rules that I didn’t like, but they were legal and they were defensible,” said Mr. Cuccinelli said. ‘I have done my duty and defended them. And Republicans and Democrats, as attorneys general, have always done that until… Mark Haring.”

mr. Herring has appealed to Mr. Cuccinelli in to be campaign, comparing Mr. Miyares to the former Attorney General who he portrayed as a conservative extremist.

“In this election, voters will have a clear and stark vote between my proven track record of protecting Virginians and expanding rights and my Republican opponent who is an anti-healthcare, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, pro-NRA , Cuccinellistyle conservative,” said Mr. Herring said at a July meeting with Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe and President Biden.

mr. Cuccinelli dismissed the attack, casting the allegations of political shifts on Mr. Herring.

“When [Herring] was in the state Senate, he was pretty close to the center,” said Mr. Cuccinelli said. “I haven’t moved anywhere, but marking has gone far to the left to appease to be radical basis. So he’s the one who moved and admits, not me.”

A September poll by 8News/Emerson College had Mr. Herring leading to 47% to Mr. Miyaresis 41%.

The poll, conducted Sept. 13-14, polled 778 likely voters in Virginia and found a +/- 3.4% margin of error.

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