Dana White Shares the ‘Coolest’ UFC Story He’s Ever Heard

Dana White recently appeared on The Cray podcasting. He covered a variety of topics during the nearly two-hour episode.

At one point during the podcast, the UFC president shared what he believes was the coolest story he’d ever heard about the UFC. The story was about astronauts watching the promotion’s events from space.

“So I recently had a phone call with Jerry Jones and his daughter. They’re doing this military charity work that they wanted to involve me in and the president of the company they hired was an astronaut. So, once the call is over… he says, “Dana, I have a story for you. I’m an astronaut and I was on the space station during the pandemic.” He said, “It was me with three Russian guys on the space station and we were going crazy up there. So they radiated the UFC fights to us because it was all there was.” He said, “You were on Fight Island, so there were a lot of Russians on the map too. We’d get so excited for the fights and we’d watch the fights for four hours and that’s all we talked about for the rest of the day.” You created this event during the pandemic where Russians and Americans could come together and could be just as excited about it.’ I thought this was the f*****g coolest UFC story I’ve ever heard.”

Watch Dana White reveal his “coolest” UFC story below on The Cray’s podcast:

Listen to the full episode of The Cray podcast below, featuring Dana White:

Dana White moved UFC 251 to Abu Dhabi’s ‘Fight Island’ due to COVID-19

Dana White has made some massive changes to the UFC 251 venue. He decided to move the event, along with three more tickets, to ‘Fight Island’ in Abu Dhabi due to COVID-19 restrictions in the United States.

The card topped off with a title fight between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman. The pay-per-view featured two more championship fights; Alexander Volkanovsky vs. Max Holloway and Petr Yan vs. Jose Ado.

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